Gifts In Kind

Since 1997, Stardust has been a champion of environmentally sustainable practices that encourage waste reduction and reuse. Our Gifts In Kind Program was born and grew out of that effort. Proceeds from Stardust's Re-use Centers help support Gifts In Kind, which has been providing essential materials to local non-profits serving families in need since 2012. Gifts In Kind has distributed more than $92 million in materials to 475 Maricopa County non-profit organizations since its inception.

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How the Gifts In Kind Program Works

Proceeds from the Stardust reuse centers partially support our Gifts In Kind (GIK) program, which provides more than 475 non-profit organizations with essential items including toiletries, housewares, and building supplies to help serve the community.

We partner with local retailers to collect overstocked, returned, or slightly damaged inventory that would otherwise be thrown away. We then redistribute it to non-profit organizations who can use the donated items for clients or operational needs. Since 2012, our Gifts In Kind program has distributed more than $92 million worth of items to 475 Maricopa County non-profit organizations.

To be eligible for the program, a non-profit must show their 501(c)(3) letter and serve individuals in the Maricopa County. Non-profit organizations are then able to come to the Gifts In Kind distribution center located at our Glendale store once per month to select items they need for their organization–these items can be for organization use or client use.

Stardust partners with Valley of the Sun United Way in the Gifts In Kind donation program, bringing resources valued in the millions to our local community.

Please note that the Gifts In Kind program is not open to the general public and is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8am – 1 pm, by appointment only.

If you work for a non-profit organization and would like to participate in the Gift In Kind program, please fill out the Membership Application. For more information, please contact the Gifts In Kind Administration at 480.695.1189.

Gifts in Kind Program Eligibility

The Gifts In Kind (GIK) program provides material donations to non-profit organization needing various commodities. GIK allows non-profit organizations access to large quantity and bulk donations of usable materials received by Stardust Non-Profit Building Supplies (SNBS) from local retailers. Items received through GIK may not be sold, bartered, traded, auctioned, raffled or otherwise used for monetary or financial gain by the non-profit organization or their clients.

In order to be eligible, agencies must meet the following criteria:


Eligible organizations must be a 501c3 non-profit organization as evidenced by the IRS Determination Letter


Eligible organizations must provide services and programs that care for the ill, needy, infants (age birth to 18) or veterans.


Eligible organizations must certify that donated items received through the GIK program will not be sold, bartered, traded, auctioned, raffled or otherwise used for monetary or financial gain by the non-profit organization or their clients.

GIK Distribution Guidelines

Items received are for use by the organization or their clients.

Organizations may not charge clients for use of donated items received.

Items cannot be sold, bartered, traded or used in auctions, raffles or as prizes or returned to the retailer.

All items are as is and come with no warranty or guarantee of service.

Organizations involvement in SNBS GIK program will be included in SNBS reports and marketing materials.

All items must be removed from premises during distribution hours. No items will be held or delivered.

The number of items received is determined by SNBS GIK Program Manager or their designee.

Items may be limited to one (1) of a like kind by the GIK Program Manager.

Case managers will display their agency issue photo ID card and provide their agency business card.

Anyone found in violation of this agreement will be permanently banned from participation in SNBS GIK.

Failure to show up for SNBS GIK appointment without 24 hour cancellation notification will result in a $25 no show fee billed to the organization and cancellation of future appointments until the fee is paid in full.


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