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About Our Deconstruction Services

If you’re planning to remodel your home or business, our deconstruction service is your green alternative to conventional demolition. Our skilled deconstruction team will carefully dismantle and remove building materials, appliances, fixtures, and architectural elements from the interior and/or exterior of residential and commercial buildings for reuse. Rather than discarding your gently-used building materials during a remodel, donate them to Stardust.

Items We Accept Request a Deconstruction Service

Don’t Demolish—Deconstruct!

A Green Alternative to Demolition

While demolition costs an average of $3,000 or more, our deconstruction service is provided for a nominal non-refundable fee which helps offset our labor, liability and transportation costs. Our kitchen deconstruction typically takes from one to four hours, depending on the size and scope of the remodel. Plus, at the end of the deconstruction service, we’ll provide a receipt for all your donated materials that you can use for tax purposes. For more information, please contact our Scheduling Coordinator at 480.269.8601.

If the home or building was constructed prior to 1990, a site visit by our Deconstruction Manager will be required to determine if the project is suitable for deconstruction. We cannot deconstruct homes built before 1978 due to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead paint rules.

What are the benefits of deconstruction?

Every year, Stardust’s deconstruction crew diverts more than 650 tons of usable material from local landfills. On average, deconstructing one kitchen diverts 2,400 lbs. of usable materials from the landfill.


Helps offset costs associated with remodeling by providing a tax deduction for the materials removed.


Conserves landfill space & reduces trash disposal costs.


Preserves historically significant materials.


Reduces the environmental impact of producing new materials.


Provides affordable, quality materials to the community.


Donated materials are available to the public at Stardust and continue to live on in homes and projects.

Deconstruction FAQs

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+ How Does Deconstruction Work?

1. Tell us what you would like deconstructed for donation.

2. Provide pictures of the rooms/items you would like deconstructed to determine eligibility.

3. Determine your desired date of deconstruction.

4. Pay the non-refundable deconstruction fee over the phone with a card or online by requesting a link to our online payment portal.

5. You are now scheduled for deconstruction.

6. You will receive a confirmation email with the list of items you would like deconstructed after you have scheduled.

7. You will receive a reminder email and courtesy confirmation call 24-28 hours before your deconstruction appointment to ensure you are ready for deconstruction and to answer any last-minute questions you may have.

8. The deconstruction crew will notify you when they are on their way to the property.

9. Your deconstruction appointment will either be at 7:00 am or approximately 11:00 am.

10. The deconstruction will take 2.5-5 hours depending on the number of items, the materials and the location of the deconstruction.

11. The deconstruction crew will provide an itemized donation receipt upon the completion of the deconstruction. Please review the list of items on the receipt for accuracy. The deconstruction crew will leave the space cleared and cleaned with exception to any items we are not able to accept.

12. Congratulations! You’ve just diverted reusable building materials from the landfill!

+ How Much Does Deconstruction Cost?

Deconstruction fees vary by job. Please call our Deconstruction Coordinator at 480.269.8601 to get an estimate of your job.

+ What is the Lead Time to Schedule a Deconstruction?

A lead time of about 2 weeks is usually adequate for scheduling deconstruction, however it is recommended to schedule as soon as you know what date works for you as our schedule is filled on a first-come first-serve basis. Please note, we cannot guarantee dates of service until we process the non-refundable deconstruction fee.

+ What Do You Remove?

Our skilled deconstruction crews can remove modular cabinetry, counter tops, sinks and plumbing fixtures, appliances, bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, towel bars, toilets, bidets, ceiling fans, light fixtures, interior doors, closet doors, mantel piece(s), shutters, some structural elements and many other items in the home. If you would like to donate item(s) not mentioned, please contact the donation coordinator.

+ What Don’t You Remove?

We do not remove non-modular cabinetry, backsplashes, flooring, drywall, walls, blinds or curtains, fixtures attached to vaulted or high ceilings, showers, shower pans, frameless glass or mirrors and other items determined to be ineligible or unsafe to remove. If you have questions about removal of items not listed, please contact the donation coordinator.

+ What is Modular Cabinetry?

Modular cabinetry is standardized, singular cabinet boxes that are affixed to each other and the wall to create a long bank or section of cabinets. When uninstalled and removed from the wall they are complete stand-alone cabinet boxes no longer than 5 feet. They usually have one or two doors or drawers. You can easily determine if your cabinets are modular by finding seams between the cabinet boxes. In most cases, you can look underneath the upper cabinet boxes and see gaps or spaces in between the cabinet boxes. To inspect lower cabinets, you can feel underneath the cabinet, by the toekick, and feel the gaps in between the cabinets. If your cabinets are custom or older than 1990, you may have non-modular cabinetry.

+ Can I Send You Photos?

Yes! Photos help us determine if the cabinetry and other items you would like to donate are eligible for deconstruction. Please send pictures of the items you would like deconstructed as well as close up pictures of the cabinetry that show the seams and/or spaces indicating they are modular, or standardized cabinet boxes no longer than 5’ sections. You can email photos to decon@stardustbuilding.org or text them to 480.698.4315.

+ Can Someone Visit the Property to Determine Eligibility of Items?

If you are unsure of the eligibility of your items you can schedule a free walk-through with our Field Supervisor. To schedule a walk-through please call the donation coordinator at 480.269.8601.

+ How Do I Get a Tax Credit for the Items I Donate?

Stardust provides an itemized donation receipt upon the completion of your deconstruction. We do not provide valuation of items received. It is the donor’s responsibility to assess the value of items donated. Stardust Tax ID # is 86-0868376.

+ How Do I Contact You?

If you have questions or would like to speak with a donation coordinator please call 480.269.8601. To send photos of items you would like removed please text them to 480.698.4315 or email to decon@stardustbuilding.org.


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