The Starve the Landfill Program

For years “starve the landfill” has been the Stardust rallying cry! Now, Starve the Landfill is a program that advocates the importance of deconstruction and building material reuse to businesses in the construction industry.

Here to explain more about this new program is Stardust Resource Development Manager, Jason Carlyle!

Can you tell me about the STL program?

We launched the program in June to encourage sustainability in the Phoenix construction industry. Our goal is to create a strong community of eco-friendly contractors and suppliers who want to reduce their construction waste.

What are the benefits of this program?

The biggest benefit of the STL program is that companies will be recognized for their commitment to sustainability and the reuse of building materials. Participating businesses will receive recognition in our two reuse centers, online via our website and social media, and an annual press release about their partnership and impact on the community.

What kind of items can companies donate?

We accept excess and gently used building materials. This includes cabinetry, appliances, doors, windows, water heaters, a/c units, light fixtures, pool fence and equipment, toilets, sinks and so much more. With three ways to donate we make it easy for busy contractors to donate. Plus donations are tax-deductible.

Why is this program important to you personally?

This program is important to me because of its potential to create change in our local community. When contractors and suppliers think twice before throwing away reusable building materials less waste will be created.

It’s also nice to show our appreciation to the contractors and suppliers we work with. Their partnership helps us divert more than 5 million pounds of reclaimed building materials from the landfill each year.

Who are the current members?

We’re very proud that after one month we have four companies in the Starve the Landfill program: Stradlings Cabinetry, G.M. Hunt Builders, Iron Doors Arizona and Scottsdale Custom Building Materials.

If interested, how would someone join?

Businesses interested in joining can call or email me at 480-695-8553 or for more information. To join companies are asked to sign a pledge that states:

My business will commit to and encourage sustainable building practices that will reduce the amount of construction and demolition waste entering our landfills. By promising to reuse building materials my business will contribute to a cleaner Phoenix, positively impacting our community and our planet.