Stardust Adopts Advocacy Agenda

Stardust Building Supplies’ vision is a future without waste; a sustainable community where resources are reused or redistributed. For over two decades, we have worked with the construction industry to implement eco-friendly practices, like deconstruction, that have resulted in more than 80 million pounds of reusable building materials diverted from the waste stream. But how can we do more to reduce waste? The answer is advocacy.

Last November, the Stardust Building Supplies Board of Directors voted to adopt an advocacy agenda which solidifies our confidence in the value of deconstruction and reuse policies. We are committed to sharing our belief that when building material reuse becomes a standard practice it will create new opportunities for entrepreneurs, the workforce, and improve our quality of life.


Stardust pick-up team, Terry & Larry, unloading building materials for reuse.
Stardust Board of Directors discussing building material reuse.

“We do this work because we believe in the power of reuse” says Karen Jayne, CEO of Stardust Building Supplies.  “We are excited to share the benefits of building material reuse with our community using our advocacy agenda as the framework for discussions to change public opinion and public policy.”

What is the problem? In 2014, the EPA conducted a study on construction and demolition debris and found that in a single year an estimated 534 million tons of construction and demolition (C&D) debris were generated in the United States—more than twice the amount of generated municipal solid waste. (credit:  Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2014 Fact Sheet)

Annually, 534 million tons of C&D debris enter our landfills in the U.S.

In order to address this massive environmental issue, we will advocate and support policies which ensure deconstruction is standard practice in construction and remodeling projects, in addition to promoting reuse strategies that are an essential component for a sustainable community.

Stardust Advocacy Task Force members at the first meeting of 2018!

We look forward to the work ahead to create a more sustainable Arizona through community and legislative advocacy. Although we’re in the early stages of this work there are ways you can get involved today!


  • Join our Advocacy Task Force! Visit our VolunteerMatch page for more details.
  • Shop with us! Extend the lifecycle of second-hand building materials.
  • Donate gently-used building materials for reuse.
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