DIY Bar Cart

Bar carts are super trendy right now. Priced anywhere from $150 to $300 in regular retail stores, we built one with reclaimed materials for under $30! All you need are some drawers, shelves, casters, and time.


  • Drawers (2)
  • Shelf (1)
  • Casters (4)
  • Wood (about 10 ft. in length)
  • Hardware
  • Spray Paint
  • Brad Nailer
  • Brad Nails
  • Clamps
  • Saw

Step 1:

Find your drawers. We selected two identical drawers that measured about 3 ft. wide. A good size for a bar cart if you want one with a lot of storage. We also used a shelf for the bottom of the cart. If you can’t find a shelf that’s the same size as your drawers, cut it down with a saw. You’ll also need a saw to cut the wood into 4 pieces for the sides of the cart. We cut the wood to measure 32” long, making the height of the cart about 3 ft when the casters are on.


Step 2:

Using clamps, clamp the wood pieces onto each corner of the top drawer. It’s best to work from the top down. You’ll probably need someone to give you a hand at this point! Once the wood is clamped in place use a brad nailer to attach the wood. Don’t have a brad nailer? You can use an electric screwdriver. But if you’re crazy about doing DIY projects investing in a brad nailer is worth it! Attach the other drawer and shelf.


Step 3:

If you haven’t already removed all the hardware from the drawers, now’s the time. Spray paint! We decided to leave the bottom of the drawers natural for a rustic look. Use newspaper or cardboard to cover the inside if you want to do the same. As always follow the instructions on the spray paint can for best results. Don’t forget to clean the surface, nothing worse than spray painting over wood dust!

Step 4:

After the paint has dried add the casters to the bottom corners. We attached a cabinet door pull to the front and wrapped rope around the cart to enhance the rustic look. Now, it’s time to decorate with your bar cart essentials. It can also double as extra storage for kitchen items like plates, cookbooks, or whatever else you’d like!

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