Starve the Landfill

Our business donation program, Starve the Landfill, aims to create a strong community of contractors and suppliers committed to reducing their construction waste. Participating businesses pledge to donate excess or gently-used building materials for reuse. Their commitment helps to conserve landfill space, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a market for reclaimed building materials.

Become a Member:


– Positions your business as a leader in sustainable building practices

– Shows a commitment to the community and the environment

– Reduces trash disposal costs

– Material donations are eligible for a tax deduction

– Opportunity for cross-promotion on Stardust’s website, social media, e-newsletter, and reuse centers

To become a member companies sign a pledge showing their commitment to the reuse of building materials. Read the pledge using the links below.


To join the Starve the Landfill program, please contact our Material Acquisition Manager.

Sandi Evans

Starve the Landfill Members:






Donate Materials

Your material donations help support our mission of reuse, and give materials a new life.

Find A Location

Our two metro Phoenix locations give you an opportunity to shop and donate in person.