Design for Hope 2016

Stardust Building Supplies coordinated it’s 3rd Annual Design for Hope project to benefit Devereux Arizona. Reclaimed materials were donated to the organization to remodel a kitchen in one of their respite homes for foster children. The project helped to save Devereux Arizona thousands of dollars in material costs and created a modern kitchen and dining room for the children and staff to enjoy together…creating that all important home environment. Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in the success of the project!

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Appliances, fixtures, cabinetry, and more. At Stardust Building Supplies, you’ll find these items at a discount of 50 to 80% compared to regular retail stores. You can shop happily knowing you’re contributing to the sustainability of your community while finding the perfect items for your home.

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Stardust makes salvaging materials through our home pickup, drop-off, and deconstruction services easy and carefree. Our deconstruction services are a win-win for contractors and their customers—you don’t have to pay for demolition, as Stardust removes the usable materials, and you’ll avoid high dumpster and landfill fees.